If there's one thing I've gained from going to University 'up North' then it's the ability to take day trips to a variety of beautiful cities that I've never been to before. Leeds is just a 40 minute train journey from my base in Sheffield and definitely a city that I'd recommend visiting. Step off the train and you're immediately in the heart of the city, surrounded by endless shops and a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from. 

The Alchemist: Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

If you're after somewhere upmarket, affordable and not at all pretentious, then you have to stop off at The Alchemist. Located on the upper floor of the Trinity Shopping centre, it offers an extensive range of cocktails from the classics to The Alchemist's own unique creations. We chose to share the Fools Gold soda syphon which I'd highly recommend, followed by the white chocolate and raspberry Martini and the hip-flask cocktails which you could also take away as a keepsake. 

The food was equally as impressive with super quick service and a menu that offered a real mix of cuisines allowing it to cater to all tastes. I've tried plenty of burgers over the years and this one definitely was a good'en! If you do fancy visiting the Alchemist for food as well as drinks then it's essential that you book well in advance to guarantee yourself a table.

Shopping: Trinity and Harvey Nichols

Save up if you're heading for Leeds, as like me, as soon as you step through the door of Harvey Nichols you'll realise that you want at least 95% of the entire store's contents. I barely made it past the Make-up counters on the ground floor (I may have picked up a couple of Charlotte Tilbury items) as we were running out of time but I could've easily spent an entire day in there. The same can be said for the enormous Trinity shopping centre which I'm sure contained every major retailer imaginable. But beware of the crazy Christmas crowds that were in full swing last Saturday.  

Muffin Break: Cafe

The perfect place for a casual coffee and a catch up, Muffin break specialises in (yep you guessed it) muffins that are freshly made on site continuously throughout the day. Whilst waiting in the queue for only a matter of minutes we saw 3 different batches emerge from their oven. Although I'd never heard of it before, Muffin break is a chain that has cafes all across the UK and offers a great alternative from your usual Costa or Starbucks hangout. 

Next up on my northern travels will hopefully be either Liverpool or Manchester! 


  1. What a lovely outing. The baked cheesecake looks amazing!

  2. All the food looks delicious!!



  3. Looks like a lovely trip! The Alchemist looks like such a nice place :) I should definitely become better at exploring cities nearby, instead of just staying in Glasgow every weekend.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. What a great trip! Love the pictures...especially the ones of food and shopping! :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  5. Lovely post!! You remind me a lot of T. Swift :) By the way, you've been nominated to do the "Sisterhood of the world Blogger Award" tag, check out my blog for the info. xx


  6. It's posts like this one that make me wish I lived in the UK! The Muffin Cafe looks heavenly, I'd die to have a bite of that muffin to be honest! There are barely any decent ones in Lisbon...

  7. Nice lifestyle and fashionable blog! And it is in English so it can reach a lot more readers and followers. Well done! Go ahead with this. We support you and wait for your new post! Kind regards- Phil

  8. Oh my goodness, all that food looks delicious! Great pictures!

  9. I'd love to visit Leeds, I have family in Manchester so I spend a lot of time there and seeing as it's so close I'm surprised I haven't been sooner! I first heard of Muffin Break when I moved to Aberdeen and was surprised when I found out it was a chain as I'd never seen it anywhere before either x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  10. I've never ventured up North but hoping that'll change next year I really want to visit Leeds and Liverpool. Amazing photos and I love your blog :) x


  11. so lovely♥
    Wonderful blog!
    I subscribed to your blog!
    Waiting for reciprocity ♥
    Kairzhan Asemgul

  12. All that food looks amazing! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  13. You've now made me want to go to Leeds aha! The food looks yummmyyy

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  14. <33333 such nice post!
    love it


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